Additions and updates to the Pledge platform

  1. Pledge CargoWise add-on (beta)


    Join the beta test program: Automated carbon reporting for CargoWise users

    ✅ Changelog - Cargowise

    Say goodbye to manual uploads — our new CargoWise add-on automates carbon reporting for CargoWise TMS users without the need for complex API integrations or file uploads, saving you time and money.


    Right now, the Pledge CargoWise add-on is going through beta testing. Join the beta test program to:


    • Help shape the continued development of the Pledge CargoWise add-on to meet the specific needs of your organisation.
    • Benefit from significantly discounted pricing during the beta testing phase - Pledge bears all of the development costs.
    • Access the CargoWise add-on at a discounted price once the beta program ends and the add-on goes live (subject to a relevant Pledge subscription plan).


    But hurry, there are only a few spots remaining! Apply to join the beta testing program to secure an exclusive monthly price.


             Apply now 




  2. Branded report sharing


    Streamline carbon report sharing with customers while enhancing your brand

    ✅ Changelog - Branded report sharing

    Manually formatting, exporting, attaching and sending reports in Excel or PDF format is time-consuming, increases the risk of human error and misses the opportunity to showcase your brand. To tackle this, we’ve built enhanced report sharing into the Pledge platform.


    You can now create professional branded reports directly in the Pledge platform and share them with customers in just a few clicks. Streamlining this process removes several steps, saving valuable time while reducing the risk of mistakes.


    Additionally, this new feature makes it easier to manage and deliver accredited carbon reports that put your brand front and centre. Tailor reports with your company logo and brand colours to make a positive impression on customers. 



  3. Pledge Portal Toolkit


    Your low-code solution for an improved customer experience with carbon reporting



    Elevate the customer experience of your shipper portal without costing time and resources.

    The Pledge Portal Toolkit is a low-code, white-labelled solution that allows you to effortlessly drop Pledge carbon reporting tools straight into your shipper portal without the hassle. Simply select the tools your customers want, design them to meet your brand guidelines and you’re ready to go.


    What's included:

    Clarity™: Provide customers with insight into the methodologies and assumptions used in emissions calculations, eliminating the need for you to explain how results were reached.

    Accuracy™: Enable your customers to view the Data Quality Indicator (DQI) of their carbon emissions calculations, highlighting your position as a best-in-class service provider.

    Impact Links: Invite customers to offset their unavoidable freight carbon emissions, empowering action beyond just awareness.

    Calculator: Offer customers quick calculations on the fly, allowing them to calculate shipment emissions that aren’t being tracked in the platform.


    ✅ Changelog - Toolkit - Branded screens


  4. Auto-transshipments


    Automatically insert logistics hub activity emissions into your emissions measurements

    ✅ Changelog - Auto-transshipment


    Logistics hubs contribute anywhere from 10% to 30% of emissions in transport chains*. Yet, many freight forwarders do not explicitly capture this data in their TMS/CRM, leading to a significant emissions blind spot and an incomplete picture of their carbon footprint. This can negatively impact efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of transport chains.

    Understanding the full spectrum of emissions is crucial for effective sustainability strategies and offers shippers better visibility of opportunities to reduce their emissions.

    With Auto-transshipment, Pledge gives you the choice to opt-in and have logistics hub data automatically included in your emissions calculations. By automating this process, we ensure that the emissions generated from logistics hubs are included without needing to incorporate this data in the API/CSV upload. This feature enables you and your customers to make better decisions based on more accurate and complete data, helping create a more sustainable supply chain.


    *Source: McKinnon, A.C., 2018. Decarbonizing logistics: Distributing goods in a low carbon world. New York, Kogan Page Ltd. pg. 14



  5. Integration Pages

    ✅ Changelog - Integrations


    We’ve created a page where you can view and set up integration options with Pledge, ensuring you find the best way of getting the right data out of your TMS and into the Pledge platform. Right now, we’re featuring our Email attachment and AWS S3 integration options, but will be adding all integrations here soon.


  6. Accuracy™ - Data Quality Indicator

    ✅ Changelog - Accuracy


    Enable your clients to understand the quality of their emissions measurements with Accuracy™.

    Accuracy™ enables you to provide your clients with a Data Quality Indicator (DQI) level at both end-to-end shipment and individual shipment leg levels. This means your shippers can compare emissions estimates on a like-for-like basis, better positioning them to make actionable decisions from emissions data.

    The DQI level is derived from three data input types: origin and destination, weight, and emissions intensity. This delivers a more detailed indicator than the ISO 14083 “primary/modelled/default” qualification.

    The data quality indicator level ranks the quality of the input data into four tiers:

    4 - Unsatisfactory;

    3 - Sufficient;

    2 - Good;

    1 - Excellent.

    The more accurate the data inputs, the higher the DQI level and the more actionable the emissions data for shippers.


  7. Interactive street address lookup


    Now you can go beyond port, airport or city and use any street address, post code or zip code as the origin or destination of a shipment using our interactive calculator. This helps to boost the accuracy of emissions estimates, especially for movements over shorter distances.




    Long time Pledge customers will know that using street addresses has always been possible when using the API or CSV/Excel file upload!


  8. User supplied alternative fuels


    When using or considering alternative fuels such as biodiesel or renewable diesel in your transport chain, users can now provide custom fuel emissions factors to be used within emissions measurement calculations — and these calculations will still be in methodological conformance with the GLEC Framework.

    If you have taken steps to work with an alternative fuel manufacturer or provider, make sure to ask them to provide you with certified emissions factors that you can then use with Pledge to start recognising the actual or potential emissions reductions right away.

    Please get in touch with us at if you would like to set up an alternative fuel to use in your calculations.