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Automatically insert logistics hub activity emissions into your emissions measurements

✅ Changelog - Auto-transshipment


Logistics hubs contribute anywhere from 10% to 30% of emissions in transport chains*. Yet, many freight forwarders do not explicitly capture this data in their TMS/CRM, leading to a significant emissions blind spot and an incomplete picture of their carbon footprint. This can negatively impact efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of transport chains.

Understanding the full spectrum of emissions is crucial for effective sustainability strategies and offers shippers better visibility of opportunities to reduce their emissions.

With Auto-transshipment, Pledge gives you the choice to opt-in and have logistics hub data automatically included in your emissions calculations. By automating this process, we ensure that the emissions generated from logistics hubs are included without needing to incorporate this data in the API/CSV upload. This feature enables you and your customers to make better decisions based on more accurate and complete data, helping create a more sustainable supply chain.


*Source: McKinnon, A.C., 2018. Decarbonizing logistics: Distributing goods in a low carbon world. New York, Kogan Page Ltd. pg. 14